Across all industries, many organizations face complex security challenges and business risks. Understanding these challenges and responding with innovative solutions is what we do.

We create and deliver integrated security solutions to meet your varying needs, from basic perimeter security and access control, right through to critical sites with some of today's highest security requirements.

Find out more about the industries that benefit every day from Gallagher's integrated security, business continuity and efficiency solutions.

Simplify life on campus


Keeping students and staff safe is essential for any learning community. 

Gallagher's integrated security solutions provide complete campus control from one central management platform, and delivers a seamless experience for your entire learning environment.

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Mission critical


Efficiently managing access to critical sites with some of today’s highest security requirements is essential to protect the safety of the public and enforce the laws and regulations that govern our society.

Gallagher security solutions are scalable, flexible and give you complete control of the most sensitive security installations. Our solutions are in use at critical sites worldwide, from utilities and civil infrastructure, to corrections and defense facilities.

Many moving parts


Multiple, large sites with thousands of doors, and thousands of staff, require reliable, scalable and flexible systems to protect high value assets and support daily operations.

Gallagher's ability to integrate comprehensive security solutions with data from multiple system providers is crucial in providing effective people management and access control to the high value entertainment industry. 

Uninterrupted movement


Moving people and property safely and securely is a complex responsibility. A customized Gallagher security solution can give you complete site control, keeping everything moving while carefully managing access to restricted areas.

Implement business policies, comply with regulations, and exercise your duty of care to keep people safe.

Under lock and key


Correctional facilities are challenged to protect the public, protect their staff, and ensure a safe, secure and humane environment for inmates.

Configured for the corrections industry, Gallagher's cost-effective integrated perimeter security solutions are a powerful deterrent to escape attempts, while zoned monitoring allows a swift response to security threats.

Care and responsibility


Access control and regulatory compliance are critical for healthcare providers, who need robust security solutions that can be applied to both high and low security areas to keep staff and patients safe. 

Gallagher's integrated security solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing healthcare providers to effectively secure high-dependency patients, restrict unauthorized access to medication and medical equipment, and protect high-risk facilities such as newborn intensive care units.

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