Z20 Disturbance Sensor

The Z20 Disturbance Sensor provides discrete detection which heightens perimeter security through the intelligent detection of vibration or movement of the fence or other structures. Alarms are generated when the disturbance meets a predefined threshold, providing quick intrusion detection and response times without the intruder being aware.

From multi-technology, responsive security solutions which are fully integrated with Gallagher Command Centre, to simple perimeter systems requiring an uncomplicated form of detection, the Z20 Disturbance Sensor provides a superior perimeter intrusion detection solution (PIDS).

Technical spec sheets

    Features and benefits

    • Sensors can retrofit to existing structures, a cost effective solution. 
    • When integrated with Command Centre, video can be used to identify the source of alarm/intruder.
    • Provides ‘first knock’ detection with the ability to trigger an escalated security response to other systems. 
    • Compatible with both energized and non-energized fencing systems.
    • Adjustable sensitivity allows for user-defined detection parameters which can be individualized for each sensor.
    • Intelligent detection of vibration or movement on the fence structure results in low nuisance alarm rates.
    • Sensors can be fitted to both curved and flat surfaces, allowing simple, quick and easy installation with low ongoing maintenance requirements.


    The Z20 Disturbance Sensor can be installed to provide perimeter intrusion detection on structures and objects including:

    • fences
    • walls
    • cladding
    • safes
    • vaults
    • rooftops
    • ceilings

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