VisionTime Car Park Management

Gallagher integrates with VisionTime to provide a cashless car park charging system.

The VisionTime cashless car park charging system offers simplicity and efficiency.

1. Employees use Gallagher readers at car parks.
2. The data is transferred from the Gallagher server to FlexTime's VisionTime software.
3. The car park charge is automatically deducted from the employee's salary.

No cash or machine support charges are required, no security firm is needed to collect cash, and the car park is a safer environment, especially at night.

Technical spec sheets

    Product information

    The VisionTime system also caters for:
    • time-recording, including flexible and shift working
    • employee scheduling
    • self-service workflow for vacations, sickness and shift swaps
    • absence and vacation planning
    • job timing
    • links to payroll and HR systems.

    System brand: VisionTime
    Product name: VisionTime
    Interface developed by: FlexTime
    Software version: 1.0
    Gallagher API used to develop this interface: Direct Database
    Available and supported: Worldwide
    Industry applications:
    Ciaran Rowsome, email

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