Tag Boards

Tag Boards improve emergency response time and evacuation management with real-time tracking of personnel movements around your site.
  • Actively monitor workers within a zone, on local or remote sites.
  • Ensure blast zones have been cleared before explosives are detonated.
  • Monitor the movement of people to a muster area during an evacuation.
  • Ensure the security control room is aware of workers who are alone on remote sites.
  • Monitor who remains within a high security area at the end of a working day or shift.

Tag Boards provide operational continuity in addition to the safety benefit of knowing that all employees are accounted for at all times.

Technical spec sheets

    Configuration options

    Tag Boards have a number of configuration options which control the zones monitored and how information is presented, including but not limited to:

    • pre-configuration to monitor one or more selected access zones, reporting the total number of people in each zone as well as their identity
    • adding selected access zones to the tile on the fly when there is a need to know who is currently located within a zone
    • dragging and dropping a zone to populate the Tag Board
    • configuration to show summary information as well as the list of cardholders currently located in these zones, or just the latter
    • coloring of the zone for quick reference, for example a red banner is used to indicate someone is currently in the zone
    • the display of personal data field(s) and competency status for the people in the zone.

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