Security Health Check

Gallagher Security Health Check (SHC) is a free tool designed to help you identify and understand vulnerabilities that could exist within your Gallagher security system.

Maintaining high security requires continual system review and improvement over time, and delays in the review cycle can result in sites being exposed to significant risk.

SHC is designed to make it quick and easy for you to carry out system checks at any time, as part of regular maintenance and to ensure there are no unintended consequences to Command Centre configuration changes over time.

Technical spec sheets

    Automated security audit

    In an industry first, SHC provides an automated method to check your security system for potential risks without the time and cost of manual audits - enabling you to carry out audits more often.

    Automation allows the SHC utility to quickly check and cross reference system data and settings thoroughly and reliably. Some of the system tests wouldn’t be included in a manual audit as they would be overly time consuming and difficult for a person to perform. Automation reduces human error in the process, ensuring high quality results that can be measured over time.

    Easy to understand

    Based on SHC utility test data, we generate a simple and succinct graphical summary report that assesses the severity of threats and recommends specific actions that can be taken to mitigate the risk. 

    The easy to understand report provides insights into the most significant vulnerabilities and prioritizes the risks, supporting communication with management and decision-makers. 

    Identify and respond to security vulnerabilities

    SHC identifies your system vulnerabilities, assesses the severity of the threat, and provides specific recommendations to mitigate the risk and ensure correct system configuration. An overall security rating is calculated, making it easy to compare the latest audit with previous results to track progress over time and better plan system upgrades.

    SHC proactively addresses the ever-evolving threat of cyber attack and supports you to protect the data held in your access control system. SHC identifies new security vulnerabilities, and helps you understand what to do about them.

    Available free of charge

    SHC is free of charge to all Gallagher customers. Gallagher has a philosophy of ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to identify potential vulnerabilities that could occur within your system.

    For more information

    Please fill in the form below to request access to the SHC utility. Your local Gallagher representative will be in touch with information about the next steps.

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