Schlage - Allegion

The high-level integration between Gallagher and Allegion's Schlage AD400 wireless lock enables sites to extend their security footprint where the installation of fully wired readers may be cost - or technically - prohibitive.
  • Eliminates the need for physical keys and key management.
  • Removes double data entry for cardholders and dual system management on site.
  • Re-uses existing cardholder Mifare Classic Smart Cards to provide access to both Gallagher readers and Schlage AD400 wireless readers.


Product information

System brand: Schlage (by Allegion)
Integration name: Schlage AD400 Wireless Lock Interface
Interface software developed by: Gallagher
Gallagher software versions interfaced to: v7.20 and later
Available and supported: USA only
Industry applications: All


  • Up to 8 PIM400-485s are supported per Gallagher C6000.
  • Up to 16 AD400 locks are supported per Gallagher C6000.
  • 900 MHz communication between AD400 and PIM400 for secure, AES-128 bit encryption.
  • Wireless range of up to 200' in typical building construction, 1000' clear line of sight.
  • Full audit trail within Command Centre including cardholder movements (activity reports) and device diagnostic alarms (e.g. battery low warnings).
  • Support for remote lockdown and unlock of wireless locks.

Technical spec sheets

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