Jarrison Time

Jarrison Time automatically imports transactions from certain devices and for certain groups of people from the database. It applies the shift and end of period rules, producing the totals available for payroll export.

Jarrison Time caters for:
  • automated integration with the Gallagher database
  • unlimited number of employees and users
  • fully customizable reports
  • automated email reports 
  • comprehensive shift calculations
  • extensive T&A functionality (time allocations, breaks, revisions, formulas, etc)
  • easy day schedule for mapping people to their changing shifts
  • full audit trail
  • user groups to control, who and what a user can do
  • export to payroll (customizable export format)
  • import from certain payroll systems (including custom format CSV)
  • SQL Database.


Product information

System brand: Jarrison Time
Product name: Jarrison Time
Software version: v5.3.33
Interface developed by: Jarrison Systems
Gallagher API used to develop the interface: Direct Database Interface
Available and supported: In English only, installation and support via Teamviewer
Industry applications: All
Contact: Jason Matthews, email jason@jarrison.co.za or visit www.jarrison.co.za

Technical spec sheets

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