Fence Integrity Monitor

The Gallagher 3 Zone Fence Integrity Monitor (FIM) enhances networked or standalone perimeter security systems through consistent circuit monitoring.

When used in conjunction with Gallagher Fence Controllers, it provides a second, separate fence monitoring source. The 3 Zone FIM detects damage to the pulse wire independently of the perimeter security system pulse.

Technical spec sheets

    Features and benefits

    • Maintains fence monitoring during times of low risk.
    • Ensures the fence is fully functional when enabling the deterrent pulse.
    • Retro-fittable to existing perimeter security system.
    • Custom defined parameters for raising alarms.
    • Provides ‘cut wire’ detection and ‘short circuit’ detection without changing fence configuration.
    • Can be installed as a stand-alone fence monitor.
    • Can be used in conjunction with networked Gallagher Fence Controllers.
    • Provides a local, on-site warning signal which can be connected to remote telemetry.

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